WordPress Backup Technology For Pros and Developers Without Plugins and Without Any Security Holes

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With DB Technology

  • Backup Any Website Build In Any Technology - WordPress , Custom Coded projects in any programming language
  • Use our API to Create Your Own Backup Approach for Custom Projects.
  • Database Load Balancing made super easy for custom projects without ever needing a Server admin
  • Run One SQL commands from within our dashboard to update all connected servers in one single Go, rather than running one by one on each server

You Can Use Our Technology

Without Giving Any of the following

  • Without giving your cPanel Login (server details) to anyone outside your company
  • Without giving your FTP details to anyone
  • Without giving your administration login (Incase you have WordPress etc)
  • Without Running any server commands
  • Without touching the server configuration
  • Without Installing any Plug-ins (Incase of WordPress)

"The Best Product in the market."


"It allows me to backup all my websites and keep multiple backups"

As a Pro and Developer Are You Still Using Backup Plugins ?
  • You know that Plugins clash with each other. Before you can figure out, the site is already down
  • You are aware with WordPress update, plugin donot update along the same timeframe. This could cause potential issues
  • You clearly understand that Plugins are part of WordPress Eco system. Any issue with WordPress install will destroy the ECO system and hence the plugins will die making the whole backup process go in drain
As a Pro and Developer, You Are Not Just Struck With WordPress. You Go Beyond WP into Custom Software Development
  • You need a Technology that Fits all your backup needs and Backs all your projects including WP and Custom Development
  • You want to go Beyond Just Backup, You Want to Do Database Load Balancing of your custom projects
  • You want to write your own backup approach using an infrastructure and an API that will deliver you custom backup results
  • You want your data to be encrypted when sending from source server to destination backup server
  • You want to control the entire operation like run your SQL commands, do one click database restore from one single screen, rather than logging into servers 
Backup Plugins Are For Dummies and Newbies - Not for PROs like You